Accurate and transparent time management software

Using SutiHR’s time management module, you can maintain your employee time and attendance records accurately and consistently. You can generate reports quickly and calculate compensation and other benefits easily.

  • Capture employee clock in and clock out data using accurate biometric sensors
  • Offer complete visibility and transparency to employee attendance and working hours
  • Implement time off rules and policies firmly
  • Automated notifications and reminders for time off approvals/rejections
  • Calculate employee time off balance for any particular month and export the data in the convenient file formats
  • Send detailed periodic reports to employees automatically
  • Employees can apply for time off and view the complete time off record
  • Team time off calendar allows employees to view their teammates’ approved time offs
  • Inter-business unit reporting functionality for time off requests i.e. employees from one business unit can send a time off requests to their reporting authorities from other business units

SutiHR – Time Tracking Software