Employee Self-Service

Save your HR professionals’ time and empower your employees with the SutiHR employee self-service module. Using their credentials, employees can log into the system and perform a variety of tasks.

  • Employees can view and manage personal information such as time off, training, benefits and approvals
  • Managers can search for employees with specific skill sets, and create requests for resource requirements
  • Managers can view and approve/reject interview schedules, employee requests, and time off applications
  • Built-in inbox, instant messaging capabilities for employees, and chat history tracking for managers
  • Employees can view assigned project plans, time logs, warnings, and escalations issued by managers
  • Manage groups, discussions, and requests, giving you the capability to post comments and email discussions to clients
  • Managers can define and assign team goals to team members. Simultaneously, team members can be rated with reward points by managers for their goals achieved
  • Timesheets are automatically updated when normal shift employees clock in/clock out
  • “Punched-in” reports display employees’ clock-in and clock-out timings
  • Time off request notifications can be sent to approver(s), informing them of the time off request status
  • Announcements and company news will be displayed in employees’ “My HR” dashboard

Employee Self Service - SutiHR