Press Releases

December 12, 2017

SutiHR’s reports, time management and recruitment modules have been updated.

November 01, 2017

Latest Features of SutiHR Makes Talent Acquisition Faster and Smarter

September 12, 2017

SutiHR’s Performance, My Team, and Payroll Modules Have Been Updated with New Functionality

August 28, 2017

SutiHR’s Recruitment Module Makes the Hiring Process Faster and Smarter

June 19, 2017

SutiSoft Upgrades SutiHR to Further Simplify HR Tasks

March 22, 2017

SutiSoft Releases Updates to SutiHR Human Resource Management Solution

October 19, 2016

SutiHR’s Recruitment Module Makes The Hiring Process Simple

August 10, 2016

SutiSoft announces the Latest Features of SutiHR Enhance Human Resources Administration

April 14, 2016

SutiHR’s employee benefits, recruitment, and time and attendance modules have been updated with new features

March 23, 2016

SutiHR’s Recruitment, Time & Attendance, and Personnel Modules Updated

February 16, 2016

SutiSoft Announces Updates to SutiHR, Its Online HR Management Platform

December 02, 2015

SutiSoft Announces New Updates to SutiHR, its Online HR Management Software

November 03, 2015

SutiHR’s Recruitment, Performance Management, and T&A Modules have been updated

October 13, 2015

SutiHR, Human Resource Software, add new features and updates

September 22, 2015

SutiHR’s Recent Updates Facilitate Improved Navigation and Ease of Use

August 31, 2015

SutiHR’s Benefits Administration, Time and Attendance, and Performance Management Modules Updated

August 05, 2015

SutiHR’s Time and Attendance Module Updated with Additional Functionality

June 08, 2015

SutiHR’s Performance Appraisal Module Upgraded

April 14, 2015

Sutisoft announces the release of SutiHR 5.6

Jan 26, 2015

SutiSoft Announces the Addition of New Features to SutiHR

Oct 28, 2014

SutiHR introduces new attendance system