Personnel Management

Managing employees becomes quite simple with the SutiHR personnel management module. With this module, you can onboard your employees and create their individual profiles. You can also configure their privileges according to their role in the company hierarchy.

  • Manage on-boarding activities such as job history verification, employee confidential agreement and other documents verification
  • Create employee profiles that keep a record of their compensation, benefits, grievances, appraisals, and more
  • Update employee profiles periodically to include new certifications, skills, and other life events
  • Assign privileges to employees according to their role in the company
  • Configure employee email accounts
  • Manage off-boarding tasks such as knowledge transfer and exit interviews in case of employee retirement or termination
  • Transfer employees between multiple business units
  • Reporting authorities can view their team members’ contact information and time off history in their ‘My Team’ page