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SutiHR is a robust online HR software solution that provides powerful tools for every part of the HR cycle from recruitment to separation. Advanced analytics and dashboards that are easy to use simplify decision-making at different stages of the HR process.

SutiHR Platform

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Key Features

SutiHR, a complete solution to recruit, manage, retain and develop your workforce
SutiHR - HR Software Solutions

The SutiHR Personnel module allows you to onboard new hires quickly and efficiently. You can create employee profiles and assign them the right roles and privileges.

SutiHR - Human Resource Software

Keep track of employee time off and implement leave policy firmly with SutiHR. Employees and managers can plan and manage their time off with complete visibility and transparency.

SutiHR - HR Software Solutions

Develop appraisal programs and measure employee performance effectively with SutiHR. From data collection to analysis and reporting, the solution provides complete support.

SutiHR - HR Software Solutions

From gathering training requirements to organizing training programs to testing candidates and analyzing results – get comprehensive support with SutiHR.

SutiHR - Human Resource Software

SutiHR helps you stay compliant with all rules and regulations. You can maintain all the necessary documentation electronically and produce it on demand.

SutiHR - Human Resource Software

Employees and managers can log into their accounts and perform a number of tasks based on their roles and privileges. The dashboard allows them to keep track of multiple tasks.

SutiHR - HR Software Solutions

Take your workforce management mobile with SutiHR. The mobile app allows you to stay on top of important things like projects, time off, and personnel management.

SutiHR - Human Resource Software

SutiHR provides you with end to end recruitment activity support from creating and posting job descriptions to sourcing and testing candidates to on-boarding successful hires.

SutiHR - HR Software Solutions

Capture accurate employee clock in and clock out details using biometrics or cards and regularize attendance. Data can be easily viewed, downloaded, or exported.

SutiHR - HR Software Solutions

Create and administer flexible pay structures across the organization. Automate payroll calculations and easily export payroll-related data to third-party systems.

SutiHR - HR Software Solutions

Optimize the benefits you offer your employees. Create flexible benefits plans and allow employees to choose from a variety of benefits and policies.

SutiHR - HR Software Solutions

Create project plans and maintain detailed records of multiple project parameters. You can assign employees and monitor progress with periodic reports.

SutiHR - HR Software Solutions

From recruitment to performance management to payroll and benefits, decisions could be taken in a more meaningful and data-driven manner with the extensive reporting and analytics module.

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Press Releases

October, 2016

SutiSoft Inc., a trusted provider of easy-to-use cloud-based and mobile business management applications, today announces updates to the recruitment module of SutiHR, its online HRIS management platform. The latest features continue to simplify the recruitment process and decrease the time from discovery to hire.

August, 2016

SutiSoft Inc., a leading provider of easy-to-use web-based and mobile business management solutions, today announces that the recruitment, benefits, time management, document, and personnel modules of SutiHR, its online HR management platform, has been updated with new features.

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