Why Businesses Are Moving Towards Cloud HR Software

Start-up businesses to large enterprises face their own challenges like minimal up-front capital, limited IT resources, hosting issues and many others based on industry type. Irrespective of the type and size of the organization, online HR software helps them overcome business challenges. The software offers huge benefits to the organization and helps streamline all the business processes to increase operational efficiency and productivity.

Here below are some of the key benefits of cloud HR software:

To cope with the demand, present day businesses are rapidly transforming, where we can know today’s requirements but how about the future? However, HR software comes with great features to suit your business requirements at any time.

Anywhere access is one of the key benefits of human resource software, where the individuals across the world can access the system and collaborate easily with the co-workers while accomplishing their tasks. This flexibility has made the business to yield high productivity.

The major challenge of HR admin with on-premise software is to frequently upgrade the software to access the latest features, which is a time consuming process. On the other hand, cloud-based HR software automatically receives all the latest updates and provides great efficiency for employees and the HR manager while accessing the new features.

24/7 monitoring and providing security for information is time-consuming and also expensive for the business, whereas with the cloud HR solution, the vendor will do this for you. Here, the data will be kept safe, and only the authenticated users can access the data over the cloud, according to their privileges and if any system breakage occurs the software will efficiently restore the system back without any data loss.

The cost-effective cloud solution comes with little up-front investment and no hidden charges; you only have monthly or annual subscription cost.

Not only the above, cloud HR software has many more additional benefits and built-in features to improve the organization’s productivity and growth by reducing the investments.

Cloud HR Software Helps with Continuous Growth


Today, companies are looking for powerful cloud HR software which can help their HR professionals in automating the time-consuming manual work, so that they can focus on employee performance and organizational growth. Present day workplace is changing based on the new technologies, employee work culture, behavior, and attitude. Here, the software plays a vital role in improving employee engagement at the workplace for enhancing productivity and growing the business.

This multi-faceted cloud HR solution will customize the management workflows and streamline your employee’s efficiency to help them concentrate on the core business objectives. Let’s check some of the key highlights of the cloud-based HR application:

Self-service portal will empower both employee and HR admin to easily manage their tasks such as Time and Attendance management, Performance management, Training and Development, Benefits, and many more tasks. This can reduce the HR team’s workload and allow them to work on more important tasks that help grow the business.

Performance management is automated and provides great flexibility to the HR managers in conducting regular employee performance review process. Here the reviews will be aligned with the company goals and objectives for easily tracking the employee contribution towards the organization’s growth.

Smarter decisions, the software represents the huge amount of data in reports and chart formats, where you can quickly understand about the organization’s operations. At a single glance you can understand employee workflows from the on-boarding process to training to performance and helps in giving timely rewards. These real-time reports will also help in improving your business operations and help make quick business decisions for future growth.

Compliance supports your company to stay compliant with the set of rules and regulations. Here, the software will accelerate the form-filling and submissions process faster and also store all the employee data in their personal dashboards.

Comprehensive cloud HR software can assure the organizations to eliminate the time-consuming tasks of the HR admin and improves the overall business growth.

Boost your Human Capital with HR Software

Today’s modern HR software is guiding organizations to overcome their biggest challenges that highly affect business turnover. Retaining and attracting talented resources are the two obstacles business owners are facing. Are you wondering how the software can tackle them? Here below are a few ways to increase your human capital.

Attract more talent:

Employees represent the company’s brand, so it’s essential for the business to attract top talent at the right time for the right position to improve the success factor of any organization. At the time of hiring, the company should present itself in the best way, where the factors such as culture, personality, values and mission, growth opportunities, etc. need to be clearly represented to the applicants to get the top talent to pick you and stay with you for a long time.

Create a thriving culture:

Organizations that work with a thriving mindset can explore new and innovative ways to solve problems, creativity overflows, which empowers all the employees at the workplace in increasing the productivity and drives the organization forward. This kind of working style enhances your existing employees and also make the new hires love coming to work.

Offer timely Growth and Development:

Every organization invests more on their employees, so the HR staff should highly concentrate on engaging the employees at the workforce to significantly increase the overall productivity. Here, HR software plays a crucial role in supporting the HR department to track the employee performance and provide appropriate training and development sessions. By this, employees can improve their knowledge and skills and become experts in accomplishing the business objectives.

With the help of performance management, the HR can clearly see the individual employee productivity towards the organization and based on that, the management can ensure employee growth. This timely reward and recognition satisfies employees and helps retain them and contribute towards organizational growth.

So, make sure to use the best HR software which can streamline your employee’s efficiency in driving the organization forward.

Impact of Organization Culture on Employee Retention & Business Growth

Today, many companies have understood the importance of organization culture and its impact on employee satisfaction, increased productivity, and profits. However, some companies are still neglecting organization culture and are losing talented employees; this has a negative impact on the organization’s growth prospects. The HR staff’s critical task is to manage employees by listening to their needs and performing timely appraisals and rewards to satisfy the employee. HR software can help your HR team in creating a powerful culture for growing, which attracts your employees and makes them actively take part in the workplace to accomplish tasks efficiently.

The following ways can improve your company culture and make your employees loyal towards your business.

Company standards:

To build a great culture and productive team, you need to make all employees follow the company rules and contribute their part in creating well-organized culture. These standards and culture can attract your new hires to join you and follow your core values while performing their jobs.

Include employee growth in company mission:

Companies which align the employee’s career growth with their business objectives and missions have seen great growth. As here everyone has a clear picture and direction about what they need to contribute and take responsibility in decision making and improvements in the ongoing process for better results. Here, the employees feel valued by the company and stays loyal towards their employer, which in turn improves the organization’s growth and popularity.

Reward performers:

When the employer recognizes the employee performance, this makes the employee feel proud and have them put extra efforts to increase the productivity. Even this inspires the other employees in he organization to motivate themselves for yielding best results and get rewarded for their managers or HR. This process can boost the employee’s performance and increase the organization’s productivity.

Organizational culture makes the business run successfully for a long time, and it highly influences the employee work behavior. Here, the communication and collaboration between employee and employer will be strong; this encourages the workforce to accomplish business objectives faster and increases employee job satisfaction.

How HR Software Helps with Continuous Training & Development


Many organizations ignore the key aspect of conducting training and development sessions for employees regularly as they think it’s highly expensive for the company and causes delays in project completion. But in today’s continuously changing world, it’s equally important for businesses to invest in employee training to compete in this competitive world for promoting the success rate. Here, online HR software helps in arranging continuous learning and development programs to build talented and committed teams and increase employee retention.

Here are the key benefits of online HR software’s continuous training and development:

Identifies employee weaknesses:

By using the HR software’s performance management feature, the organization can clearly know which area employees are strong and weak. Then, a training program will be helping the employees in strengthening and developing their skills to overcome their weakest links. These sessions can build confidence in the employees at the workplace and increase the productivity.

Improves employee loyalty:

The companies which give priority to employee learning and development programs have significantly seen growth in employee’s loyalty and retention periods. Here, employees are highly satisfied as they are continuously learning and growing in their respective careers along with the business growth. Once employees are happy with their jobs, they stay loyal towards the employer.

Increases productivity:

Regular training builds confidence in employees while working on new concepts and helps in understanding the present industry patterns. This empowers the employees to put in extra efforts at the workplace in innovating new ways to improve and speed-up the efficiency of business operations. Here, the employees take responsibility to maintain an active development culture at the workplace for increasing business productivity.

Regardless of the type of industry, online HR software helps conduct regular training programs for businesses to reduce the employee’s common errors and upgrade the knowledge base while learning new concepts about latest technologies. This process improves employee engagement and performance at the workspace, which ultimately increases the organization’s productivity and growth.

HR Software Helps Handle Employee Leave Management Effectively


Organizations hire talented and passionate employees to grow their businesses and increase their revenues. However, it is a daunting task for the HR department to manually keep track of employees who are absent in spreadsheets or documents. To reduce this complexity, online HR software comes into the picture to maintain the employee’s time off record. The HR manager will explain about their company absence policy to the employees at the time of on-boarding and the same can be implemented using the software.

In general, every organization has a set of pre-defined standards for an absence policy like, sick leave, earned leave, forced leave, maternity/paternity leave, etc. All these different types of leaves along with the company regulations can be programmed into the HR software solution. Based on the employee’s eligibility the software will display the leaves in their personnel dashboards and collect real-time information of time off and automatically inform the employee’s absence to the respective managers and the HR department.

By using the self-service dashboards, employees can view their annual and quarterly leaves and plan their holidays. Here, they can directly apply the leave request by mentioning the type of leave from the software and receive the approval or rejected notifications from their respective managers and HR. Employees are provided the option to view their respective team members’ leave requests and by this they can avoid taking time off on the same day.

The software also ensures to real-time time off reports, which clearly show the employee leave type. Further, they can easily understand whether employees are occasionally or frequently taking leaves. Based on these reports, management can measure the company’s budget spent on different types of leaves and make the necessary actions to maintain company standards and improve employee work ethic.

Online HR software makes leave management simple from small to large enterprises by reducing processing cost and time.

Empower your Employees with HR Self-service Portals

The human resource department acts as a powerhouse for the organization’s growth, as they are the ones who streamline business operations and assists the employees to concentrate on business objectives for increasing productivity. Employees are the fuel to accelerate the business growth, so your HR professionals should be able to manage employees efficiently. Here, online HR software is providing self-service functionality which plays a crucial role in engaging and developing employees.

The self-service portal gives you flexibility while managing the employee database, here you can create employees’ individual profiles according to the company policy and store the documents related to them such as, employee details, job, compensation, time off, time log, appraisals, and so on.

The software helps the administration in the employee on-boarding process, which includes past organization verification, document verification and current company contract signing. It also keeps track of benefits policy allocated to employee from the organization like special allowances, insurance, meal allowance, and others.

Employees can view their attendance, time off record and balance their working hours according to the rules of the company. The employee can also directly apply for time off from their self service dashboard and automated notifications will be received about their time off approval or rejection. This process builds good communication channel between employees and managers and most importantly saves your potential time.

HR professionals can access the manager’s self-service dashboard and view employee performance reviews for identifying the knowledge, skills, and weakness of the individual employees. Based on this information HR is responsible for organizing required training sessions for nurturing the employee’s talent.

The software also manages the employee off-boarding process in a formal way, which includes arranging knowledge transfer to the respective successor, recovers company assets, reset the system access, and generate the final payroll.

Online HR software helps organizations manage their employees’ tasks and information efficiently. Here, the managers and employees have the flexibility to store and view the information.

Streamline Recruitment Rrocess with An Applicant Tracking Solution

Business union

In any organization, recruitment plays the very important role of filling job vacancies with effective candidates. It is largely the task of the HR team to filter the bunch of resumes and shortlist the the right candidates. This job gets difficult when there are plenty of resumes, so to make this job much easier, we have the Applicant Tracking Solution (ATS) which is widely used in the recruitment process.

One of the useful features of the ATS is to fetch specific application/resumes based on multiple search inputs like Job Title, Education, Experience and department, etc. You can also track the status of the candidate from the first meeting until the placement gets finalized; this process saves lot of time which in turn makes the selection process faster.

Once the list of promising candidates has been shortlisted by the software, it can also record the responses of the candidates, which will help the recruiter decide which candidate can be selected. It is also transparent so that the candidate can track his/her status, and after the interview process gets complete, the software also takes care of sending emails to selected candidates.

With the help of stored information in the database, you can call the applicants when there are openings in the organization with the desired skills. This whole process lifts the burden off the HR professionals, making it easy for them to concentrate on other serious issues.

From small businesses to large organizations, the applicant tracking solution has become an important functional software solution. Before buying this software, one has the option to try it for a period. It is also good to load the software with real-time information and do few recruitment jobs in the trial period itself.

Significance of Recruitment Management Software

In any company, time is a valuable resource, and every care must be taken to to carry out all the numerous business functions efficiently and in a timely manner. Even today, many companies are still using spreadsheets, email, and Google docs for managing the company’s recruitment processes. Accepted, all these tools are great at storing information, sending emails, scheduling interviews and many more, but it’s cumbersome for HR professionals to manage the recruiting process. Here, recruiting management software plays a key role in enhancing the recruitment process by automating the common tasks and accelerating the CV screening and interview process in selecting the best candidate.

The software helps organizations post jobs in different sources, extract CV’s and automatically store them in the database, filter suitable candidates for the required job profiles, and documents the interview process. This helps companies handle the recruitment process seamlessly and save a lot of time. Here are a few ways in which recruitment software helps companies:

Hiring decisions can be improvised, here the recruiting software centralizes the applicant’s complete information, interview process, candidate evaluation and feedback, by which companies can eliminate the bias and take better decisions while hiring candidates.

Efficiency in deciding priorities; the software automates all the tasks that can be automated and hence you can utilize your time to focus highly on the prioritized tasks such as candidate evaluation and selection.

ROI analysis, companies look for the best candidates who can stay with them for a long time, as they spend huge budgets on recruiting and training new candidates. On the other hand, companies that use the modern recruiting software save many dollars per year, as the software improves the efficiency while hiring the candidates.

Today, multiple vendors are out there in the market that offer recruitment management software at affordable prices, pick the best solution that perfectly fits your company culture for hiring the ideal candidates.

Tips for Sourcing Candidates through Employee Referrals

Your employees are your biggest assets in more ways than one. Not only will they contribute to your organization’s growth directly by their performance in their job roles but they also act as your ambassadors to the world, and can also be a great channel to source new talent from. Since your employees already know the company culture and working atmosphere, they will be able to get you candidates that fit the profile. Also, the employees who referred these candidates will be more liable to stick with your organization as they have increased their stakes in the organization. Here are some tips on sourcing candidates through employee referrals:

Tap your best performers

It is a good idea to tap into the contacts of your best performers. Your best performers already know what it takes to be successful in your organization and how the culture works. They are more likely to refer someone who has the same work ethic as theirs.

Accountability and flexibility

You have to make your employees accountable for the candidates they refer but be flexible enough that it does not backfire and make this channel go dry. Impress upon employees that the candidates they refer will also be taken in their favor if things go right.


With employee referrals saving you costs in consultants’ fees and job portal rents, you can afford to reward your employees in turn. The rewards will also encourage them to actively look for candidates that might suit the bill for you.