Key HR Metrics That Every Organization Needs

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If you wish to make a shift to data-driven HR management or want to make sure that you have a keen knowledge on your business growth, there are some HR management metrics that every organization needs. In this blog, we present a few HR metrics that every organization needs and explains how HR software keeps these metrics at your fingertips.

Employee Headcount:

Organizations should know how many people they employ. If they don’t have a shared definition and the right baseline figures, it would be difficult to trust any other metrics – mainly when combining with finance and payroll. An online HR system helps you generate headcount reports that give you a better understanding of the real resources needed, employment cost, and more.

Staff Costs:

Having a clear idea on how much you invest in your employees, including salaries, benefits, and training is another key element. This helps you estimate the cost of unplanned absences, employee growth, and more.

Time and Cost of a Hire:

The ability to quickly and cost-effectively fill open positions has a direct impact on your business performance. You should know the cost of filling each vacancy, the resources you used, and how much time it took.

Performance Management:

Setting definite development and performance goals is very effective to the employees’ growth and the business in the right direction. Having a complete view of goals and progress allows you to be positioned to provide a helping hand. If development planning is also a part of the performance management, then it is important that HR know what’s been advised or agreed, and can easily report on delivery and outcomes too.

Robust HR software with advanced tools performs a lot of work for you, makes it simpler to gather together the information, and presents it in the way that you will find easy to understand and make use of it.

Power of the Packaged Performance Management Software

Performance Management Software

The birth of the multi-configurable Performance Management Software has given rise to a world-class system for gauging the stellar potentials of the classified and non-classified employees. The embedded tool has pinned its angular focus on the Enterprise Enrichment and Employee Execution for yielding speculated ROI. The performance management gateway is the perfect match for all the blue-chip global enterprises whose success lies on a plethora of performance variables like the corporate goals, objectives and key results (OKR’s), core competency and more. Let’s take an aerial view of the relative Performance Management Software and its hyperactive presence in the HR technology market.

Erosion of the Erratic Performance Management Practices

The cost-effective and coherent HR software is the name of the game that allows feasibility to work with fewer clicks for conducting reviews and appraisals. The next generation performance management platform has been successful in discarding the lengthy and laborious system that utterly lacked quality standards.

Methodical Performance Measurement Module for the Millennial Managers

The meritorious managers of the millennium are over-occupied with strenuous tasks such as mentoring, managing, motivating, engaging, and evaluating the performance milestones of their subordinates. Such frustrating assignments related to the complex employees’ performance measurements often result in the wastage of their exhaustive working hours leading to zero output. It is mandatory for the millennial leaders to now orchestrate with the monthly, quarterly, and annual patterns of staff appraisals of the executives using the legendary Performance Management Software. The tool tactically conducts rigorous interactive sessions that bind the team members together to accomplish a common goal.

Fair & Unbiased Performance Review Manager

The flawed system that was deficient in performance management expertise had left the staff to suffer from the low self-esteem, partialities and favoritism that had exposed them to prejudices and contradictory criticism that obstructed their progress.

Pay for a Proactive & Productive Performance Review Program

The cloud-based strategic HR software is a complete online tool that streamlines the performance review process with an easy-to-use interface. The review process drives active participation of top talent for attaining the desired operating profit.

Here is the comprehensive catalogue of features associated with the Performance Management Software:

  • Ad-hoc review model
  • Appraisal sheet tracking
  • Cascading targets
  • Goal setting
  • Compensation
  • Competency tracking
  • Individual rating scales
  • Structured review forms/templates
  • Employee development Initiatives & plans
  • Peer-to-peer/individual/bulk assessments
  • Cyclical case-custom reviews
  • Self-service appraisal portal
  • Performance matrix
  • JD builder
  • Notification & alerts
  • Spherical 24×7 frank feedback

Thus, all the constituents of performance management including employee progress, skill development, reviews, ratings, and recognition are determined with the help of a unitary HR software application. Therefore, all the blue-chip organizations are in the race for building, buying, or borrowing the tailored performance management oriented HR application software for achieving the benchmarking dividend.

Screening, Selecting and Subscribing to a Superior HR SaaS Technology

Employee Self Service

Human Resource is a broad faculty that has breathtaking branches such as operations, personnel, administration, attendance accruals, recruitment, retirement, retrenchment, induction, payroll, benefits, service level agreements, laws, compliance rules, regulations, and so on and so forth. The HR leaders of the winning organizations understand the necessity of HR Management technology to leverage their organizational setup for energizing their multi-faceted operations while adhering to the compliance for reaping the operational profit.

You must consider several factors before planning to host an on-cloud HRM cloud Technology Solutions integrated with the native mobile HR software to automate your HR landscapes.

Budget-Friendly Alternative for Information Tracking

When exploring cost-effective HR Technology packages, you should give emphasis to the voluminous and standardized staff information tracking in a sequential manner. The custom fields embedded in the tool should be competent in tracking employee related data such as hire dates, review dates, job titles, etc, in a simplified way.

HR Technology Guarded with Granular Security Settings

The new age HR Technology must be able to offer role-based data access privileges to the workforce, front line leaders, HR dignitaries and the top cadre for ensuring multi-layered security for highly sensitized information.

Communication Trigger Tools

Maintaining highly transparent and timely communication across different corporate channels is crucial. Therefore, a SaaS enabled HR Cloud Technology Solution should have the strength to float and ferry your bulk emails, texts, or messages to the concerned group for nurturing accountable transmission of thoughts across the organization.

SaaS HR for Ad-Hoc Reporting

The born-on-cloud packaged suite offers you with robust reporting function for ensuring compliance while executing data-driven decisions. The functions such as scheduling, payroll, certification tracking and other HR modules can be reported for the sustainability of the staff and the business as a hole.

Mobile Auditory Interface for DIY Wireless Sensor Network

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is an intuitive touchscreen interface that will responsibly drive the Self-Service HR technology implementations across the HR Spectrum.

SaaS HR Replaces the Stereotypical HR Software

It is surprising to learn that even the Generation Y CIOs were over-burdened with their barren HR system wrapped with tertiary issues that had failed to meet the expectations of their Fortune 1000 organizations. This had compelled them to magnify alternatives and fast migrate to a materialistic HRM SaaS Technology so as to board a fortunate flight to success.

The Futuristic APIs and Machine Learning Technology Takes over the Talent Acquisition

hr software

The cloud platform popularly known as the machine learning Application Programming Interface (API) is stealing the limelight in the technology world. Your career page powered by a machine learning tool can match the company’s vacancies with the resumes of fresh job seekers located across various job junctions for delivering a swift solution.

Let’s study the scope of the API and Machine Learning Technology for Talent Acquisition:

Sci-fi Machine Learning Engine

Machine earning is a highly usable software program that has the ability to self-recognize and respond whenever it is exposed to data. It makes spontaneous recommendations by integrating itself with corporate or social networking platforms such as Facebook or Linkedin to provide end users with concrete Talent Acquisition solutions. The cloud jobs APIs, combined with HRMS software can make it practical for enterprising recruiting agencies and firms to accomplish their goals related to the inclusion services.

Realistic Machine Learning Technology

The enterprise HRMS solution in collaboration with the predictive machine learning tools and matching technology can help in realizing the dreams for generating talent acquisition opportunities in the near future. The tech-savvy head hunters are proactively engaged in developing multi-fold strategies to supplement their work with this cutting-edge machine learning technology.

Advanced Application Programming Interface (API)

The interactive API is clustered with subroutine definitions and set of protocols for building graphical user interface (GUI) components. It can help the HR departments create an impression of what the job seeker’s intent is. The API can interpret the job titles, mandatory skills, location and other elements for delivering a prompt solution to the party. Thus the APIs can dramatically change the way that HR software and information technology can deliver to the HR technology market.

Harmonizing the Concept of Human Touch + Machine Learning API

It is impossible to surmise that machine learning alone could dominate the HR technology industry. One must acknowledge that the machine learning API models are constantly in need of human collaboration in order to get better over time. The green signals emitting from a meticulous machine intelligence and human involvement will jointly collaborate in making high-volume hiring decisions.

Thus, there is every probability that the new age machine learning API is destined to achieve superlative scales of success while building immeasurable trust and loyalty in the eyes of the recruiting maestros and talent acquisition leaders.

Accelerate Your Hiring Process with the Profit-Centric Employee Recruitment Information Software

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Understanding the theory of recruitment and human capital diversity is different than putting it into practice. A speedy hiring process is one that can engage the qualitative human resources in the tracking of progress for achieving optimum returns. The software deploys a blended approach by incorporating Boolean and Radius search mechanism for filling up the permanent/contractual or internal/external requirements of the company. The watch list of the talent pool is seamlessly saved in the back-end pipeline for immediate or future use.

The spectacular recruitment software is stacked with a breed of features mentioned below:

CV Library Application Assistance Wizard

The HR software is easily integrated with your ATS to give the best application conversion rates for your vacancies in a highly organized manner. Hiring through our recruitment gateway will boost empowerment of the workforce that keeps growing with time. Our tool has the tendency to attract 60 percent of stellar candidates into our prospective client’s websites that can result in increased placements. The prospective company’s database can, therefore, cherish ongoing candidate engagement throughout this time.

Free-wheel SMS Campaigns

SutiSoft’s ubiquitous SMS software is compatible with all window operating systems, laptops, tabs, and mobile devices. It has the ability to virtually integrate itself with the SMS functionality in your newly hosted atmosphere that will make you the winner in your recruitment drill. Thus, by channelizing the short-code integration messages to millions of job hunters in a single shot will keep your diversity alive forever.

Rapid Registration Plug-in

Our adaptive recruitment management tool is combined with multiple social networking consortiums and classified job listing sites for auto-fetching of the folios or resumes. It will create WordPress job board plug-ins while synchronizing with innumerable career portals that will help the talent hunters in locating stellar profiles of perfection.

Resume Parser Software

Our in-built resume parser or CV extraction tool converts the CV document into structured XML format. The most suitable structured information formats offer hurdle free data storage, reporting and manipulation by the computer.

Automated System for Supportive Data Entry

The competent platform cuts down the cost of spending and effort of staff on managing candidate database population including social media profiles. The auto-recruitment gear enhances your resume tracking, exploring, screening, matching, analytics and reporting in the manner you want.

Flexi-switch-on & Flexi switch-off Subscription Plan:

Practically, the beneficiaries and the users of the cost-effective cloud-based recruitment software can select multiple options such as package upgrading, downgrading, temporary hibernation/cancellation and re-activation of the account depending on the requirement.

Plugging Pricing Packages:

Our recruitment suite is a big value for your invested working capital. The customer categories like the starters, premium professionals and the ultra-premium enterprise users can customize their packages as per their own distinctive needs. The offerings such as the Pay-Per-Profile, Pay-Per-Placement, Pay-Per-Volume, Pay-Per-Job-Opening and Pay-Per-Recruiting Expert are null and void of the hidden fees making the buyers experience more gratifying.

The all-inclusive recruitment software backed with the spectrum of features that comes complimentary with the packaged suite include:

  • Unlimited resume uploads
  • Social recruiting free of data limit
  • Web/email/phone/chat support
  • Employer portal & advanced system configuration
  • Onboarding scale of success
  • Easy migration & export between Word/Excel
  • Customized job alerts

The leading edge online recruitment platform designed by SutiSoft is an unbeatable solution for meeting your endless hiring objectives. Therefore, our hiring application works phenomenally in the state-of-the-art environments of branded organizations world-wide.

The Self-sufficient Employee Self-Service Software for your Enterprise

Employee Self Service

As a functionary of your own business empire, you wouldn’t want your administrative officers to get absorbed in the time-killing documentation including the employee payroll records and miscellaneous HR application form filling procedures. Alternatively, these activities are often labeled as the ‘interruptive pest’ that can negatively ruin your focus from the spectrum of business variables. But being a Generation Y entrepreneur, you deserve the right to own the Employee Self-Service System (ESS) in your state-of-the-art environment that is designed to support the bothersome documentation tasks.

Employee Self-service Portal for the Bureaucrats & Beneficiaries

The Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal is a paperless and green platform that permits the authorized users to perform basic HR transactions like taking an in-depth view of their payroll, paychecks, printing payroll history, updating the HR information (names, addresses, vacation, sick, or other time off balances) using individual account logins on their own without intervention from the HR department.

ESS: A Time Saver Software

The digitally online time cards embedded in the ESS applications help you conserve your valuable time, while you are trekking and travelling, through your own timekeeping and attendance log sheets.

ESS Opens Channels for Open-ended & Expanded Communication

In the speedy era of communication, the ESS applications can competently offer users with a broad range of corporate communication. It provides them with a flexible option to directly converse, add/share hobbies or recreational pursuits with the virtual groups so as to boost the employee engagement.

ESS: The Collaborative Transaction App

The missionary HR technologies of the universe have switched to a highly sociable and user-friendly ESS for their recruitment, learning, and performance endeavors. The collaboration of employees with their fellow colleagues is crucial for building developmental events, knowledge culture, and other activities in an organization.

Multi-Tier Delivery Dashboard

The Human Resource Self Service Delivery Model is evidencing a changeover for many good reasons. The fusion of the Employee Self Service with Manager Self-Service and HR Help Desk services are helping in the right-sizing of the HR department by 30 percent. Using the first tier of an ESS, several HR transactions can be serviced in an efficient manner. It is the lowest tier that makes it possible for all individuals to complete their data entries on their own.

Get Started with ESS Now

Once your company is hosted with the online heuristic software, your admin panel will assist you in generating the bulk ESS accounts for all the employees and provides them with the login details to kick start the ESS on their own from anywhere.

Thus, the employee self-service portal should be implemented to enable progressive development in the cockpits of documentation, corporate record keeping, and personalization of the data in a seamless manner.


Online HR Software: The Best Way to Manage Your Remote Employees

manage remote employees

Businesses whether large or small are continuing to embrace the concept of remote workplaces. However, it is crucial for them to make sure that remote workers are on task, staying productive, and collaborating appropriately. Online HR software can help organizations manage remote workforces more efficiently.

Robust time and attendance management feature that supports self-service can dramatically enhance the way remote employees “clock in” and saves managers’ time trying to track down employees and figuring out their working hours. It lets you know exactly when employees are working and can help manage overtime and ensure compliance with labor law.

Tracking where the things are with any project is important, and is more crucial when the employees are working remotely. The integrated project management system that can be accessed from any device at anytime makes task creating, tracking, and communicating throughout a project simple.

The software makes it easy for managers to give performance reviews on a more frequent basis than annually, and this helps a lot due to the limited personal interaction between remoter employees and managers. In-built document management system securely stores the reviews given by the managers with the rest of in-house employees’ information. Latest tools allow remote employees to give instant feedback and also help them easily communicate with managers about working conditions, projects, and concerns.

The application empowers remote employees by providing the ability to access payroll data, apply time off requests, and make changes to personal information from the comfort of home. It saves your HR professionals’ valuable time they spent on marinating employee’s records and also minimizes errors.

Sophisticated cloud HR software makes it easy to stay connected with your employees, regardless from where they work. The online solution makes your remote workers happier and more likely to stay with your organization.

Why Cloud-Based HR Software is a Better Choice than Traditional Software

Cloud Human Resource Software

Managing human resources require tremendous effort; it requires a sophisticated system that offers a broad range of functions and enables you to perform standard reporting from all aspects of HR management. Cloud-based HR software has really changed the way organizations act and communicate with the employees. Here, in this blog, we discuss a few features that make cloud-based software a better choice than traditional software.

As the software is hosted on the cloud, the accessibility is not restricted to a specific location – it can be accessed from any part of the globe by both HR managers and employees. This robust feature makes it possible to handle the information “on the go”.

Data security is important to every organization, and it is more important when considering a web-based solution. Cloud-based HR systems come with robust data security features that make sure your data is secured and accessible only to you. The application encrypts all information that you share through the cloud and saves in a secure database.

With cloud technology you don’t have to install anything on your systems, the service provider will take care of all maintenance, upgrades, and security. You and your employees can focus on the core responsibilities and forget about the IT side of the system. Moreover, the application is suitable for both medium and large organizations as it can be customizable to its specific business needs.

Self-service capability offered by web-based application allows employees to upload timesheets, apply time off, and update personal information such as contact details and address from anywhere, anytime. Managers can view employee requests and approve/reject them in an instant.

SutiHR, with the above features, will be a great fit for all kinds of organizations. The cloud HR software is simple to use and offers robust features for better human resource management.

New Trends That Help You Better Manage and Engage Your Workforce

Workforce Management Software

A decade ago, HR systems were designed mainly to streamline HR administrative tasks, enhance record-keeping, and help redesign HR core processes. But, today, digital technologies are changing every aspect of human resource management from sourcing and recruiting to talent and performance management. Latest HR software offers a wide range of tools to help businesses better manage and engage the workforce within the organization.

Mobiles as New HR Platform:

The use of smartphones is increasing and employees across a range of functions are demanding access to business apps via their mobile phones, businesses are competing to adapt their HR systems accordingly. Employees are creating their own apps paired to business HR applications that offer them streamlined access to basic HR functionality, such as applying time off, submitting time sheets, and expense reports.

Redefined Performance Management:

Most of the organizations that have replaced traditional annual performance review practices with more real-time and feedback driven approaches have found their existing system doesn’t support their new processes. Robust features offered by HR management software, such as reviews and ratings support the performance management redesign.

Robust Data Analytics:

Data analytics is one of the most key features of HR platform. Predictive data analytics offered by HR system helps you identify non-performers, recommends training, and highlights promotions and transfers most likely to develop high-performing employees.

Employee Engagement:

Organizations are concerned about low levels of employee engagement. The latest tools offered by online HR solution provides real-time employee feed-back, monitors engagement, and manage employee performance and goals.

The HR technology is rapidly changing, cloud HR software with mobile apps offers consumer-like experience and predictive data analytics – and its intuitive user interface increases the number of employees using the solution which in turn increases employee engagement and effectiveness.

A Few Things to Look for While Selecting an Applicant Tracking System

Recruiting top talent is a tough job for any HR team. A single job posting can attract hundreds to thousands of resumes, and making the right hire has become a key concern for the organizations. To automate the entire hiring process, many businesses have made the switch to modern applicant tracking systems. Unfortunately, selecting the wrong solution can drive away highly talented candidates instead of attracting them. Here, we present a few tips to choose the best solution that could help you find and hire the best candidates for your open positions – every single time.

Simple and Intuitive:

Intuitive and user-friendly experience is important for a recruiting system. Applications that are difficult to learn and use will always have higher learning curves, and they can prove even less efficient than managing those same processes manually.

Real-time Reporting and Data Analytics:

How long did it take to fill an open position and which source is bringing the best candidates should be tracked. Real-time reporting and analytics provide ongoing tracking of your sourcing efforts. The robust HR solution with the above features allows you to view where your recruiting efforts are working and shows the weak links in your hiring process.

Social Media Integration:

Today, social recruiting has become a common method. Social media integration with recruiting system empowers businesses to easily send job alerts to qualified candidates, dramatically accelerating the tedious process of finding and screening available talent.

Employer Branding:

You should come up with a branded career site that’s a mirror image of your organization’s website could be simple-yet-powerful addition to your company’s hiring toolkit.

Making the right decision while selecting an applicant tracking system not only requires a good amount of research, but also significant effort and due attention.

SutiHR, with its robust applicant tracking system, automates the entire hiring process and increases the productivity of your busy HR team.