Best Ways for Effective Performance Evaluation

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Performance evaluation can be a tough task for HR managers as it is typically the time of year when employee achievements would be taken into close consideration. HR can adopt some tricks to make the process more productive than painful. HR management software helps managers analyze the performance of every employee on different performance metrics through various formats such as top down, self-assessment, peer review, and 360-degree assessment.

Performance evaluation is often about categorizing employees into different rankings based on their review results. Rather, it should be intended to identify the skills of each employee and discover ways to improve their performance at every opportunity. This can happen only when HR managers implement a comprehensive performance management process. Regular coaching and day-to-day feedback can positively impact employee engagement. Employees who get a chance to learn new skills can stay committed to achieving desired results.

The traditional annual review process can damage employee engagement levels rather than shaping it towards impressive results. HR managers should set short-term goals for employees and provide regular feedback. Managers and employees can adjust goals dynamically with changing business needs. Employees can also expect more structured feedback from managers for their personal development.

HR managers should take on a coach-like role-setting individual and departmental goals for employees and help them to understand what is expected. This can help in strengthening company goals and motivating the team to work in a collaborative manner to achieve desired outcomes.

Let employees be an active part of the performance review process. When they are engaged in setting goals for the next review, they are likely to work with higher motivation. Also, you can have productive discussion sessions where employees can open up about their challenges with the new roles and responsibilities.

With the change in approach and by using technology, HR managers can take a significant step towards productive performance management. HR management software helps in online collaboration of employees and managers for an optimized performance management process.

HR Software: For a Reliable Payroll Management Process

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Compensation is for any business organization regardless of company size and the payroll must be done regularly and accurately. Therefore it is good to necessary to in a system that automates the entire payroll management process. HR software with robust payroll management tools helps reduce errors and improves compliance while saving time.

Maintaining records with a manual system can be a time-consuming task and requires a lot of space and paperwork. The software solution digitally stores and tracks business information about employee compensation and deductions. It also generates tax forms that are needed by employees and employers.

Calculating taxes and understanding what reports to file can be confusing while missing deadlines could lead to heavy fines and penalties. With the automated system, processes can be completed in a fraction of the time, which frees employees to concentrate on activities which are of more importance in generating revenue. The application provides complete data and notifications about compliance needs.

Employee self-service feature will increase productivity for both human resource managers and employees. With this option, employees have quick access to personal information regarding payment history, worked hours, benefits and deductions. The self-service functionality allows employees to request changes and review information instead of constantly contacting the HR team.

Cloud-based software provides automatic updates when tax and compliance laws change. This can save time on both research and updates, also ensures that employees and managers have continuous access to required information on the move. It also generates reports and files taxes automatically; the managers just have to approve before finalizing them.

Sophisticated HR software with integrated payroll management system streamlines the compensation process and makes it easy for you to cross reference data for real-time decision-making purposes.

How Data Analytics Helps in HR Recruiting

Data analytics in recruiting software

In the world of big data, businesses of all sizes have started using the complex variety of information available at their fingertips. Using data analytics to make more accurate business decisions has become crucial. HR recruiting is one such department requiring high quality, data analytics. HR management software and data analytics, streamlines the recruiting process and helps bring the best candidates onboard.

Data analytics helps you look beyond traditional qualifications and hire a candidate who, on every level, will be the best fit. This software solution measures various characteristics and assesses how well an employee’s profile will blend with the company culture, expected work-ethic, and business standards.

This HR solution contains robust recruiting analytics and provides a wealth of data regarding each employee that hired. Based on the employee’s educational qualifications, experience, and skills you can create personalized training programs that will educate each employee to increase productivity and specialized skills. Empowered by data analytics, it is now safe and effective to move away from the regular one-size-fits-all method of training, saving time and money. Now employees will be directed to subjects they are unfamiliar with and can pass through areas of training they are already proficient in.

Social recruiting, with a mix of predictive data analytics, helps recruit from a large and varied candidate pool. This method is extremely useful in finding exactly the right applicant for a specific job opening and will revolutionize the standard methods for hiring an employee. Hence, when an applicant is perfectly matched to a position, it can help to ensure greater job satisfaction. When a candidate fits well within the organizational demands and culture right from the offset, the employees will truly love their job, and the organization can become more productive and can grow.

Using data analytics in recruiting is a smart decision, in fact, it’s the industry standard; HR management software enhanced by these data analytics tools can optimize the recruiting process beyond traditional method of recruiting.

Workforce Analytics Works Well For Web-based Organizations like Yours

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Workforce planning and analytics can rapidly change the face of your company while rejuvenating its ROI. This blog will provide you with a roadmap that will get you started with Workforce Analytics. Your company’s goals, values, and culture should always interpret strategic productivity. HR plans are quite different from business goals, but both focus on delivering dashing dividend for each quarter.

Let’s contemplate as to how the Workforce Analytics will prove to be beneficial for your organization.

Workforce Analytics Wrapped With Simplicity

The Workforce Analytics program is packaged with utmost simplicity to affect the overall line of your business. The HR professionals are able to erect simple workforce analytics modules from the data they have generated through broad HRMS domains. With analytics, you have great chances to explore business outcomes faster and demonstrate the project’s which can boosts ROI.

Off-The-Ground-Workforce-Analytics Comply with Security

The front end finance specialists, IT panel, and the dedicated data scientists can seamlessly airlift your Workforce Analytics to a desired functional level. The tech-savvy folks can comfortably install, implement, and integrate the software in your environment while obeying with the strict service level agreements.

Your sensitive personal information would never be exposed to risk under any circumstance. Therefore, SutiSoft Inc. HR software edged with Workforce Planning and Analytics provide encryption plus firewalls to secure sensitive information from leaking out by unauthorized sources.

Workforce Analytics Tables Transparent Results

The system educates people with the essence of target project while helping them understand the long-term strategic growth objectives. It acquaints them with data collection, company records, performance metrics and more.

Workforce Planning and Analytics are clustered with highly configurable capabilities for you:

  • Delivers actionable information to the high cadre decision makers
  • Forecasts supply-and-demand
  • Evaluates contingent labor options to optimize cost and productivity
  • Identifies cause-and-effect relationships
  • Provides customized analyses to synchronize goals with performance indicators across different SBUs
  • Improves recruiting, succession planning, training, performance, and other workforce activities
  • Access staff mobility through target metrics
  • Determines loops and gaps in talent chain
  • Predictive and prompt reporting analysis
  • Tracks strategic performance of the workforce
  • Analyses preconfigured metrics such as onboarding, internal shuffling, talent effectiveness, Human Capital diversity etc
  • Visual interface and icon-based alerts to manage critical data on device
  • Configurable dashboard to highlight aggregated Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Offers instant online/offline access to company’s critical workforce data


In the event your HR operations are clotted with severe complaints such as headcount planning, hiring, performance measurement, cumulative cost issues etc, then you can rely on SutiSoft’s collaborative Workforce Planning and Analytics Software for sketching smarter workforce plans that would enable you in high-valued decision making.

A Highly Productive Performance Management Software Is In Your Pathway

Performance Management software

There is a strong need for performance management software in the corporate world. The strategic software should necessarily keep the fountain of performance sprinting on and on in an organization. A standard performance management application is one that can insulate the best batch of talent from the rest.

SutiSoft’s cloud-based performance management platform can be readily embraced by modern organizations for yielding rippling results when compared to the messy appraisal processes of the past. Now let’s study the advantages of embracing SutiSoft’s Performance Management software for practicing your cyclical appraisal procedures.

Performance Management Pilot Platform, a Barometer for Tapping Staff Appraisal

Many of the service-centric HR departments blindly use commercial performance management software for mapping the best breed or poorest breed of workers in their hierarchy. But an ideal platform will methodically distinguish the workforce on the basis of their output while rewarding them with the titles of benchmarking or bottom-line-executants. While the average employees are encouraged to better perform and submit their best, the less talented troop of people are guided to work towards the direction of progress.

SutiHR is clubbed with the bundle of benefit as it will help in tracking the staff with slated success. Interestingly, the tool can even capture the lethargic or effective nature of those superiors who have failed or passed in identifying the employees’ strengths and weaknesses. Our genuine talent mapping tool can unimaginably improve the organization and their employee’s working capabilities on a large scale.

Here are the best features attributed to the functional performance management software:

  • Total time & cost-saver in performing appraisals of the workforce Consistent, competitive & convenient
  • Enable direct employee engagement
  • Easy-to-use, fast, fair & flexible
  • Discards elements of biasedness & breach of conduct
  • Offer simpler-skimmed one-page screens & runs on fewer clicks
  • Provides accurate review scores of targeted staff


Employees are the center of focus in any enterprise as they are the ones who steer the company towards the boulevard of success. Our powerful performance management tool will pledge to boost your organization’s operating capital and save miscellaneous expenditure. The tool makes the ongoing chain of information to pass swiftly within the organization while encouraging bulk participation of the staff at every level.

The workforce can logically judge the software by asserting with the strong guidelines set by the software itself on leveraging human potential. Thus, SutiHR is one of the best means that you can adopt for automating your end-to-end HR and performance management practices for growth prospects.

Always Analyze & Adopt Successful HCM Software

HCM Software

The packaged HCM solutions have persistently been revived for advancements. Now and then they are being upgraded with a whole new range of technical attributes for meeting the discreet market demand. But, before considering to invest in an HCM solution you must always compare the mutual vision of your company and management that would allow the operable HCM solution to work along the direction of growth.

The healthy practice of comparing solutions will iron out your compliance requirements while offering unmatched customer service, support, and satisfaction. SutiSoft Inc. helps you through the vetting process to identify a highly acclaimed HCM for operating your unique business ecosystem. The all-in-one HCM software module focuses on the automation of core HR administrative tasks while providing new generation clients with a rigid recruitment-to-retirement solution.

The customizable HCM software comes with first-rate-life-support for meeting essential requirements of large, small, and mid-sized organizations. It is crucial for technology buyers to review the background checklist and key metrics for evaluating the right HCM they wish to host on their premise.

HCM Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Delivery Solution Provider Comparison Checklist:

  • Comply with the legal & regulatory norms
  • Offer aggressive yet flexible integration across different HR terminals
  • Give relevant reporting & analytics to meet your needs
  • Specify common business rules, user interface & role-based information security across multiple areas
  • Lend transparent, configurable & Self-Service web-based workflow across HR, payroll, benefits, recruitment, and more
  • Allow anytime anywhere global & reliable mobile accessibility
  • Handle intrusion detection, disaster recovery management
  • Offer behind-the-scenes maintenance & upgrades
  • Issue safe compliance
  • Execute excellent usability & customer feedback
  • Access data, leverage & deliver Business Intelligence (BI) tools across the entire platform
  • Create speedy custom reports, graphical analysis tools, event notification tools & and end-to-end HR dashboard tools
  • Perform standard activation averages quarterly or less
  • Provide Single-Point-of-Contact service 365 days with expert feedback
  • Obey with the SCP (Service Capability & Performance) Certification
  • Automate overtime, shifts, time & attendance
  • Time off, absence & leave management
  • Performance & goal management
  • Lend career development planning, competency management
  • Perform succession planning, identifying & managing internal talent pools
  • Manage personal information of the contingent staff
  • Perform pay calculation, overtime, bonuses, commissions, deductions & taxes

On-Time & On-Budget HCM Suite

The HCM market is over saturated with different vendors selling the solution at rocketing prices but our complementary guide and powerful pointers are intended to safeguard you and your decision makers from choosing a wrong software that may affect future capital loss and budget overruns.

HCM Suite for Talent Management

Our HCM application is stapled with Talent Management to additionally focus on the pattern of business execution, enterprise social and employee profile functionality.

Enterprise-grade HCM Unified with End-to-end HR Administration

The modern application which is heavily integrated with core HR workflow is logically the best fit for all business entities having their prior focus set on Human Resources Administration.


Business is all about the bunch of people pooled in to strike a boundary for generating outstanding financial outputs. You can’t afford to carry your business with a feeble solution that lacks serviceability. Therefore, choosing the right Human Capital Management software can enable you to architect your unique business model with great value.

Solve Slurry of Issues With HR Reporting Analytics Dashboards

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The Human Resource Management Dashboard is primarily a visual display of HR standards. The master control HR Dashboards are intelligently designed to meet different purposes. They are the chief source of gathering, sorting, analyzing, packaging and delivering staff information for the use of management and organizations.

This is a smart option to keep the ball of employee communication rolling. As it is mandatory for the workforce to know what is critically good or bad for their company, the HR department must be able to summarize those yardsticks while keeping the workforce and the decision-makers acknowledge the empirical matters.

Hosting a strong reporting system will turn the life of the corporates trouble-free as never before. The HR Reporting Analytics Dashboard can diminish the daily administration exercises such as the constant processing of heavy duty documents/folios for checking employees leave status, reimbursement, attendance, early/late arrivals, and much more. All these tasks can be unimaginably simplified with SutiSoft’s all-inclusive HR dashboards.

Here is an array of the HR dashboards that can comb through the burning challenges of your organization:

1. Dashboard Metrics for Workforce

Workforce HR dashboard is the reflection of the employee’s personal statistics pertaining to the subjects mentioned below.

Total Time Log: This slot highlights the average of the office in/office-out or (input working hours) of the employees on every business day along with other information.

Table of Attendance: This page gives a full-fledged representation of the number of days the employee has worked without taking any paid time off. For those who are late arrivals, the dashboard comes handy with a pictographic of data to show those who have not been late to the office for the past month.

Overtime Grid: This displays the employees’ midpoint overtime hours including the extra working days they have devoted in the current month.

The Leave Ledger: This ledger is actually based on an individual’s annual leave cycle and illustrates the unpaid/unscheduled leaves the employees have availed.

2. Dashboard Metrics for Stage Runners/Managers

This section of the HR Reporting Analytics Dashboards gives you a life-like analogue of the number of subordinates reporting to you. The tool makes the line managers aware of the employee’s day-to-day attendance, early clock-ins, unscheduled leaves, duration of overtime, average working schedule, and other related data.

3. Dashboard Metrics for Admin

The Admin Dashboard crucially dispenses overall statistics including the percentage of scheduled/unscheduled leaves, attendance, late clock-ins, early clock-ins and also the cumulative turnover of the company.

4. FNF Pending & Clarence Sill

This simplified widget calculates the full and final settlement of the staff that had departed from the organization but still has yet to receive their final compensation or reimbursement.


Thus, the interactive HR Knowledge Epicenter can be sufficiently gathered with HR Reporting Analytics Dashboards to manage the major HR functions such as human capital diversity, compensation, L&D training, staff satisfaction, payroll, benefits and more. The HR dashboards are the visual-aided engines to provide top executives in the departments with first-hand information of essence. SutiSoft Inc. gives you the best suitable leads and drivers with which you can marshal over the real-life human resource complexities.

What are the Prerequisites for a Performance Management Software?

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Performance management is the yardstick for measuring the working capability of the workforce. The HR honchos of the growing organizations should create career paths for employees by deploying a fertile appraisal solution methodology that can propel the staffs’ work rate to a significant level.

Though you might own one of those commercial pieces of software, it is actually running havoc in handling your trivial HR tasks including the performance management. So it is an advantage for the HR heads to embrace cogent software that can shoulder performance management without hinges.

You must seriously think of investing in first-rate performance management software while focusing on the sharp positive impacts of retention, high performers, career paths, incentive programs and many significant activities that fall in the similar socket. Let’s now take a binocular view as to what SutiSoft’s Performance Management Solution architecture can bring to your enterprise.

Performance Management Solution for Staff Development

With SutiSoft’s HR software, you will be happy to see your paper oriented environment cultured to a cutting-edge Performance Management domain for spanning the diversity of the workforce. SutiHR is geared with a more formal performance evaluation process hemmed with ad hoc reporting capabilities to expand the efficacies of your amateur staff while helping them turn specialists in the near future.

Everyday-Performance-Management for Employee Retention

It is mandatory for the HR managers to maintain retention of the outstanding employees from turning away as losing the skilled talent would affect the organizations. A dedicated feedback mechanism would continuously help the front-line managers to devote crucial time on the top notch team to refine their skills that would further contribute to achieving productive outputs.

All-In-One Performance Appraisal App Free of Maintenance

The fully automated tactical tool will make your performance review practices more rewarding for scaling exceptional results. The user-friendly app needs no upkeep or aftercare support services and can handle multiple software uploads in your IT atmosphere.

Semantic Dashboard for Concrete Goal Management

With our HR software for Performance Management, you are able to access real-time graphical and raw statistical data for initiating strength, weakness, opportunities, and threat (SWOT) analysis of the departments and the individuals that further leads to the accomplishment of the corporate milestones.

Top Flying Performers Under the Corporate Lens

Premier performers are the assets to the organizations. But the companies often fail to identify the best batch of breadwinners in the broth. The performance management makes it extremely easy to track the critical troop of top talent who deserves to be rewarded with attractive incentives to keep them satisfied at the workplace.

Appraisal Process Paves the Career Passage

Nobody really knows when employees want to continue or end their journey in a company. But, the sincere bunch of employees pursues their job roster and this is where SutiSoft’s Performance Management Software comes into the picture. It will constructively help the effervescent employees in creating supportive causeway for their career. The career-centric groups will be able to climb the silver staircase and the Performance Management provides them with a forum to take them to prosperity. The solution undergoes a reasonably logical annual review rather than following the guess work approach to gauge the forte and flair of the workforce.

Let us take a full-fledged view of the functional Performance Management Software and its characteristic features:

  • Strengthen timely performance & self-review process
  • Activate workforce for individual productivity
  • Systematic completion of reviews on the finish date
  • Trigger company goals & achieving reflective missions
  • Encourage employee engagement in core projects
  • Performance review integrated with e-signatures, auto-notifications & job-specific templates
  • Improved Management Control
  • Cost-saving assistance


It is imperative for the HR trendsetters and the stage managers to invite changes by implementing the Performance Management Software in their state-of-the-art premise for the company welfare. Our tool will dispense the directives to the HR leaders to lay an effective plan, monitor, and review the employees’ net contribution in the development of the organization. Thus, the competency management approach is highly implementable in setting superior performance benchmarks.

Dismiss Host of Your Challenges With Enterprise Mobile HR Technology

mobile hr

The midsized and large enterprises are exceedingly deploying modernized Mobile HR Solutions and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) for processing their end-to-end HR and business functions for achieving the competitive edge.

SutiSoft Inc. provides mobility that can offer the technology intellects with the quick rollout of mobile device operation for enabling Mobile HR and BYOD initiatives while reducing the complexity of organization-wide mobility. Ironically, there are many corporate bodies that are entrapped with a less efficient Mobile HR tools so they are confronted with dozens of issues associated with IT infrastructure, cost deficits and security.

Their feeble wireless network environment often suffers from the traffic caused by multiple user devices in the terminal. Such enterprises are exposed to an established risk of leakage of sensitive business information. Moreover, their IT network may not be able to bear the bandwidth demands inside the premise. But, thankfully, today there are numerous networks access products such as the multivendor device environments that can support Mobile HR and BYOD in a seamless manner. Here are the wide scopes of using Mobile HR solutions in the progressive business enterprises of the present times.

Fastest Growing Mobile HR for Fast Growing HR Users

The upswing use of the universal smartphones by the millennial HR candidates is incredibly large as they find it productive in handling employee cross communications, reminders, notification alerts, news, events, time, attendance, labor management, expense reports, compliance policies and more. The perceptive HR dignitaries are increasingly making mobile HR applications part of their business process for unique decision making.

Mobile HR Engages Growing Percentage of Generation-Y Employees

Data immediacy matters the most to the mobile workforce who frequently get access to the appealing applications. The dynamic user groups prefer the ownership of 360 degrees mobility in their competitive and critical corporate situations.

Mobile HR & BYOD Morphs for Money Management

More than 75% of mobile technologies are being purchased by employees and used for official and non-official purposes. It is amazing to learn that many companies are strategically making bulk device purchases inclusive of discounted data plans that come complimentary to incur heavy margins of savings.

Decreased Security Threats with Secured Browsing

There are heightening security risks and long-standing concerns associated with a fragile Mobile HR and BYOD because unlimited data is downloaded by the users with their personal laptops, tablets, and smartphones. But an implicit HR Solution restricts the employee device based on the role, group membership or unique needs. A robust Mobile HR app ensures that any network data files traveling from one device to another are subjected to pass through a rigorous file-level encryption. The device lockout alternative is for those instruments that are out of compliance with the security policy. Similarly, access to total or partial content can be revoked for the non-compliant user device.

Here are the added benefits of using strategic Mobile HR Solutions:

  • Investment on mobile HR solutions drives good financial returns
  • Improves workforce satisfaction
  • Enhances real-time decision making
  • Drastic increase in the workforce communication
  • Leverage Mobile HR technology
  • Security on the rich collateral & content
  • Custom app store comes with customized & permissible usage
  • Broad support for broad user devices (smartphones, tablets, Mac PCs, Windows devices, BlackBerry systems)


Whatever the unforeseen enterprise Mobile HR challenges are, the HR and IT departments should be able to invariably collaborate with each other to achieve the common objectives. SutiSoft’s Mobile HR gateway is built to offer the IT pros with the tangible solutions to address contingent business requirements. Thus, we must see the Mobile HR Technology as a big opportunity in the highly revolutionized age of Information Technology for bringing full-fledged productivity at every level. The innovative organizations are ready to take the calculated risk to responsibly invest in Mobile HR solutions to gain illustrative benefits.

Online Employee Scheduling Software Can Sail Your Staff to Success

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Round-the-clock work shift patterns of the global organizations keep many awake and watchful so as to grab prospective business opportunities round the year. For administering most complicated rotational shift operational procedures of the modern enterprises like yours, SutiSoft Inc. has designed a contemporary cloud-based Employee Scheduling Software (ESS) that is extended with many functional features as mentioned below.

Overcome Your Scheduling Nightmares with Time Efficient ESS

Swapping staff schedule is an exasperating assignment for any HR department especially if the company happens to be a large one with the divisional workforce as high as thousands scattered across different demographic locations. Therefore those organizations would be fortunate to be gifted with the employee scheduling application that can go length ward to manage your zigzag or cyclical staff scheduling.

Shift Management Mascot

Our legendary HR software is synchronized with Shift Master that will meticulously manage and streamline your typical patterns of employee shift schedules. The user-friendly framework can fabricate shift-based working schedules, holidays and weekends for optimizing the business processes. The software is designed to smartly draw a particular employee’s shift or change the ongoing shift rosters with another shift depending on the need of the department.

Robust Shift Rotation Builder

The application has the capacity to independently map multiple employees that are to follow either-the morning/night time USA/UK/Australian/Indian/Mediterranean shifting schedules. The potential program comes handy in mitigating errors associated with weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly scheduling activities, time-off requests and more with the help of a drop-down menu model.

Notifications About Shift Switch-on & Switch-off

There will be less conflict among the employees assigned to a newer shift using the collaborative scheduling software that can automatically shoot timely information disclosures and customized emails to individuals rotated to a newer shift. In this way, the employees are prepared to show up to work to the shift roster allocated to them.

Flexible Office Hours for Staff Satisfaction

Employee shift preference is a subject of higher priority as their mental satisfaction could alone help in attaining milestones. The software will allow the employees to make choices on their schedule so as to add work-life equilibrium in their lives.

ESS Powered by Remote Mobile Accessibility

This feature permits the registered employees to take an aerial view of their simplistic schedules seven days a week. The mobile option helps the employees with the accessibility to make fast changes that occur.

  • ESS comes with the spectrum of benefits as mentioned below:
  • Provides open-ended staffing information
  • Decreases ambiguity in scheduling
  • Mitigates issues pertaining to employee’s availability & absenteeism
  • Increases productivity & efficiency
  • Saves time, cost, and labor hours
  • Procedural scheduling with consistency
  • Increases access to critical scheduling


You must leave the rest to SutiSoft’s Employee Scheduling Software as it has great tendency to optimize your workforce and minimize worker schedule complaints in a seamless manner. It can also help the employees in meeting their real-life demands such as their family lives, health factors, social obligations and other issues that can influence their work efficiency. In addition, the ESS will help your organization to drive the operating cost in the positive direction.